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Our Services

  • General consultation/ acute illness

  • Screening and treatment for chronic illness / general check-up for hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, COPD…

  • Routine vaccinations and travellers’ health

  • Paediatric consultation (acute illness, well-child visits and childhood vaccinations from 2 months onwards)

  • Electrocardiogram, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, spirometry

  • Small surgeries (stitches, abscesses, naevi…)

  • Certificates, insurance and drivers licence certificate

  • First line dermatology

  • Psychotherapy and motivational interviewing (Dr Rausch)

  • Contraception and annual pap smears (Dr Holper)

  • Allergology and skin prick testing for respiratory allergies (Dr Holper)

  • Sports medicine (Dr Hein)

  • Nutritional medicine (Dr Hein)